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3 Reasons to Convert Warehouse Lighting to LED’s

The right lighting conditions are necessary for any warehouse, particularly those operating for 24 hours per day. You can drastically improve operational efficiency while lowering energy costs and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

A Safer, More Productive Work Environment

At S2 Innovative, we are passionate about and dedicated to a cleaner, brighter future. We can help improve your commercial or warehouse atmosphere with energy-efficient options using the latest technologies with custom-tailored lighting solutions. Some general advantages of LED lighting include:

  • Improve lifespan
  • 80% more efficient
  • No toxicity
  • Reduce Carbon emissions

Brighten Your Space & Reduce Energy Usage

1. Energy Efficiency

LED uses far fewer watts to produce a greater number of lumens than that of traditional lights. With LED, you use far less wattage (i.e. 150 watts LED = 250 watts traditional Metal Halide). When operating a warehouse, your energy consumption is a considerable portion of your expenses. Dividing your energy usage by six times means that you will save when it comes to your overhead costs.

2. Longer-Lasting: Up to a Decade

With LED’s, you are making substantial long-term savings with maintenance and replacement costs. 

While the higher costs of LED lighting can seem like an unnecessary expense to warehouse owners and managers, you are making significant savings in the long term due to the durability and lifespan of LED lighting. Many LED’s can last up to 10 years without losing brightness, which means that you will be saving considerably over a period of months or years.

3. Improve Employee Comfort & Efficiency

Traditional lighting is known to have a harsh blue colouring and appearance, which research has shown can have detrimental physical and mental side effects. Some evidence suggests that fluorescent lighting can negatively impact employee productivity and alertness while also contributing to negative mood shifts.

With a higher quality LED lighting, the colouring is closer to natural light with warmer colour “temperature.” These subtle yet impactful differences can help reduce headaches and increase learning performance and productivity while decreasing stress and anxiety. The similarity to natural daylight provides essential cues for the human body’s circadian rhythm, helping with hormone secretion and heightened alertness.

A Brighter, More Efficient Future

Within your Warehouse, both customers and employees will encounter a much more positive atmosphere if you utilize LED lighting. Instead of “harsh” lighting when you enter the workplace with a dispiriting atmosphere, LED lights can help invoke subtle biological shifts that will lead to higher productivity and customer satisfaction with their experience. Contact us today at to discuss how we can help.