UVC Air Purifier
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What are the benefits of UVC Air Purifier? UVC light is a powerful anti-microbial agent that can eliminate 99.9% of airborne coronaviruses in as little as 25 minutes. This technology is also used in HVAC systems and controls microbial growth, reducing the pressure drop across heat exchanger coils. Another benefit of UVC is that it is silent, helping to eliminate bacterial risks, mould spores, and much more.

UVC Light Air Purifier kills 99.9% of airborne viruses in 25 minutes

While there are some limitations to the effectiveness of UVC Light Air Purifier in destroying viruses, a recent study has shown that ultraviolet C light (UVC) can inactivate a large proportion of SARS-CoV-2 within nine minutes when sprayed directly on its surface. This method uses ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 207 and 222 nanometres and is, therefore, less harmful to human skin than other UVC methods.


According to a recent study at the Columbia University Irvine Medical Center, the technology within a UVC Light Air Purifier can kill 99.9% of airborne coronaviruses in just 25 minutes, according to a recent study. It was able to kill the new SARS-CoV-2 virus and other common cold viruses within the same timeframe. The study concluded that continuous airborne disinfection with the technology in a UVC Light Air Purifier would significantly reduce airborne virus levels in indoor environments.

UVC Air Purifier Can Deactivate Mould Spores

A UVC Air Purifier is a proven method of eliminating mould spores. Mould spores are microscopic organisms that live in damp conditions and feed on organic matter. These spores can be inhaled and settle on surfaces, where they can cause respiratory problems. Mould spores are particularly problematic for people with allergies and asthma. The CDC recommends keeping indoor humidity levels between thirty and fifty percent—the level of humidity in your home must not be too high, or you may end up with a mould infestation.

UVC Air Purifier Are Silent

Whether you’re looking for an Air Purifier that’s quiet or if you want one that has the most effective technology, a UVC Air Purifier is an excellent choice. Quiet Mark is an independent testing organization that verifies the decibel level of an Air Purifier before it can be sold. They use a set of standards for testing sound quality, including frequency and tonalities.


The germ-controlling lights are installed in the existing HVAC heating and cooling systems of buildings and rooms where the harmful ultraviolet beams are shielded from exposure. 


The high-intensity lights attack the pathogens by incapacitating their RNA and DNA strands, and dramatically improving the safety of the indoor air for schools, restaurants, office buildings, homes, athletic facilities, concert venues, livestock barns and more.

S2 Innovative UVC Light Air Purifier

At S2 Innovative, our UVC Light Air Purifier is the next generation in Air Purifier technology, combining UVC and electrostatic filtration. These technologies can effectively reduce the number of pathogens, bacteria, and fungi in the air.


At S2 Innovative, our UVC Light Air Purifier is FDA-cleared. Their ultraviolet-C technology neutralizes odours and volatile organic compounds in the air. They are also FDA-approved and have several advanced features. These machines help people breathe cleaner air at home. Their FDA-cleared, high-efficiency UV-C technology eliminates indoor air pollution and neutralizes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause headaches and asthma.


Our UVC Light Air Purifier is designed to operate quietly and efficiently, making them an affordable and convenient choice for homes, offices, factories, warehouses, and countless other commercial applications. Our units almost all universally work as a piece of hardware inserted into your current HVAC system.


Commercial and Residential Air Purification

This state-of-the-art technology is becoming increasingly popular, including for commercial offices and warehouses. At S2 Innovative, we can help with your commercial air purification needs and help drastically reduce harmful pathogens while fitting your current HVAC configuration. 


Whether you require air purification at schools, hospitals, airports, recreational facilities, sports arenas, warehouses and more, S2 Innovative can provide the solutions for your needs. Our commercial air purification product even enables real-time performance monitoring! To learn more about our air purification solutions, visit our contact page on our website to set up a consultation at www.S2innovative.com/contact-us