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If you have ever wondered how UVC LEDs can improve the safety of food products, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides an overview of S2 Innovative UVC LED Lights and their applications in the food and beverage industry.

S2 Innovative News: Our UVC LED Lights are now installed at Sobey’s Halifax Grocery.

There are numerous benefits that UVC LED Lights bring to your food storage to optimize efficiency and preserve freshness. To learn more, read on! 

Here are a few examples of how this relatively new technology can benefit the food industry. This article will cover the technology and its applications in produce production, preharvest sanitation, post-harvest storage, and consumer safety.

IUVA Food and Beverage Safety Working Group

S2 Innovative UVC LED Lights are an effective way to combat the growth of germs and viruses in the air. They can be installed in the air ducts of your building to kill any viruses or bacteria that are present and pose a health risk to patrons, customers and staff. And as UVC lights are very efficient at disinfecting surfaces, they can also be used for industrial purposes

International Ultraviolet Association Inc. (IUVA)

The Food Industry can benefit from S2 Innovative UVC LED Lights by implementing a new technology that eliminates the need for conventional UVC lamps. UV LEDs have unique benefits over traditional lamps for curing and point-of-use consumer-oriented drinking water treatment. Research has highlighted recent advances and applications in UVC technology for food production and processing. These developments in UVC technology have positively impacted plant growth stimulation and suppression, nutrition enhancement, and the reduction of fungicides and pesticides. It also discusses its applications in wash water sanitation and post-harvest disinfection.

UVC LED Lights: Protecting & Preserving Food Products

S2 Innovative UVC LED Lights provide an effective UV source, which can be used in various ways to protect food from spoilage. The UV light produced by these lights can stop the chemical reactions that cause food to spoil and increase the natural defences of fruits and vegetables. It is also effective at inactivating pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella spp., by up to 50%. S2 UVC LED Lights can also delay the senescence of fruits and vegetables. The appropriate wavelength is crucial for each method.

Applications for UVC LED

A monograph on UVC LED technology has been recently published by the IUVA Food and Beverage Safety Working Group. This book is a compilation of recent advances in this technology. The authors discuss how UVC LEDs can be used in various applications, including preharvest, produce production, and post-harvest storage and sanitation. The monograph also offers information on point-of-use applications, such as disinfection of wash water and post-harvest sanitary procedures.

S2 Innovative: Our Current Installations & Projects

Across Canada and into the U.S., S2 Innovative is proud to bring our clients quality LED solutions to drastically improve their interior quality with our advanced commercial solutions. These projects—completed by several different manufacturer’s agents—across North America include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sobey’s Timberlea Nova Scotia
  2. Meridian Theatre/Sheraton Centre Toronto
  3. TD Bank Toronto
  4. Scotia Bank Toronto
  5. Office complex Guelph
  6. Pro-Trades HVAC Services Windsor
  7. Unisus International School Okanagan BC
  8. St Thomas Courthouse 
  9. Burger King St Louis: Pilot test site being done 30 locations more and 62 in New York
  10. Several Residential installs in BC
  11. Vancouver Canucks: Installation date to be confirmed

LED Lighting Solutions: Over 15 Years of Industry Experience

S2 innovative UVC LEDs provide a comprehensive overview of UVC technology for the food industry. In addition to delivering safe, effective UV treatment, these lights can also be used to disinfect non-contact surfaces like packaging.

We have outlined some of their key benefits in this article, and we hope that it has helped you to learn how these lights can benefit your business’s bottom line. We look forward to hearing more about your experiences and working with you to improve the air quality in your facility. Contact our team today if you want to learn more about UVC LED Lighting for your food-related business needs.