Here at S2 Innovative Products Group Ltd, we believe in a cleaner and brighter future which is why we offer tailored lighting solutions to businesses of every kind. Our goal is to help create stunning and energy-efficient atmospheres through innovative LED lighting, including LED grow lights. 

As the name suggests, LED grow lights are luminaries that utilize LED chips in a modern and efficient way to produce light for growing plants. This type of lighting is available in different shapes and sizes, and LED chips have most of the effect on the quality of light produced, including colours and brightness.

Its ability to match the light to the needs of plants is one of the many advantages of LED grow lights compared to traditional lighting solutions. We will discuss these details and will provide you with lighting that is powerful and energy-efficient. LEDs are compact, more beneficial for the environment, and release less incandescent heat, affecting plants’ moisture and nutrition requirements. Unlike HPS lamps, where the heat goes directly onto the plant, LED grow lights release a small amount of heat that is emitted upwards and away from plants, and you would not have to worry about increasing leaf surface temperature or your plants burning. 

The use of LED grow lights will provide you with several advantages, including:

Economic Electricity Consumption

LED grow lights use up 50% of the energy of HPS systems.

Longer Lifespan/Lamp Durability

Compared to HPS lights, LEDs have a longer life span. HPS lamps can last for one year, while LEDs might last up to 8 years.


LED grow lamps can be set closer to the plants, and your growing space will not have to be very high or wide.

Energy Efficiency

LED grow lights can optimize the spectrum by concentrating energy on the most beneficial wavelengths for each application and plant. Reduced heat production would also allow you to put LED fixtures closer to plants, ensuring less light is lost elsewhere.

Fire Safety

LEDs do not become very warm and are safer to use.


LED grow lights can dim even with a remote control and are easier to handle.

Better Crops

LED lights produce better crops, and plants may get bigger and grow faster when compared to HPS lights. LEDs can also be made with a spectrum aimed at a specific goal, such as flowering inhibition or enhanced rooting.

Environmentally Safe

Since less heat is emitted and UV light can be added to LED lamps, there is less chance for bacteria and mould formulation, meaning fewer pesticides and less environmental pollution. 

If you are looking for LED grow lights, you can rely on our team here at S2 Innovative Products Group Ltd. We serve clients in the Burnaby, Kelowna, Surrey and Vancouver areas and will gladly provide you with more information. Contact us today to find out more!