Product Description

GreenCobra™ Midsize LED Street Light Series

The GreenCobra Series has become the industry standard for many cities, utilities and DOTs throughout North America with hundreds of thousands of units installed and counting. The superior optical performance, innovative mechanical features that facilitate installation and maintenance and the familiar daytime form all contribute to the GreenCobra’s success.

  • Clean, cobra-head daytime form with proven market acceptance
  • State-of-the-art LEDs providing superior energy efficiency
  • Easily installed House Side Shield option
  • Four models deliver the lumen packages and appropriate housing scale for multiple mounting heights: GreenCobra Jr. (GCJ), GreenCobra Midsize (GCM), GreenCobra (GC1) and GreenKingCobra (GC2)


  • Street lighting
  • Roadway lighting

Available in:

  • GreenCobra Jr. (GCJ)
  • GreenCobra Midsize (GCM)
  • GreenCobra (GC1)
  • GreenKingCobra (GC2)
  • Die formed aluminum housing and tempered glass optical chamber
  • Finishes Gray, Dark Bronze, Black
  • Universal four-bolt slip fitter mounts to 1-1/4” to 2” (1-5/8” to 2-3/8” O.D.) diameter mast arm
  • Hi-flux/Hi-power white LEDs produce a minimum of 95% of initial intensity at 100,000 hours of life
  • Photometry Luminaires are photometrically tested by certified independent testing laboratories in accordance with IES LM-79 testing procedures
  • 10 year warranty

Replaces Equivalent Range

  • GC2 – 310w – 400w+

GreenCobra (GCM1, GCM2)

  • GCM1 30F 3900-7000lm, wattage 108-100
  • GCM2 30F 7000-9200lm, wattage 100-88
  • GCM2 40F 9000-12000lm, wattage 102-87
  • Voltage –MV 120-277V, HV 347-480V
  • 3000K, 4000K, 5000k, Colour Temperature
  • Type 2, 3 distribution
  • IP 67 rated
  • UL/ cUL listed, DLC
  • Drive current GCM1- 30F@350-700mA, GCM2 30F@700mA to 1A, 40F@700mA to 1A

GCM dimensions spec

Superior Performance: Outperforms and replaces HID and fluorescent systems. IP66 light engine rating.

High Visibility Illumination: Outstanding vertical foot-candles. High CRI white light enhances visual acuity.

Life Cycle Economies: Reduces energy costs by 50-80%. 60,000 hour projected life results in very low maintenance. Instant-start LEDs are compatible with inverters and battery back-up emergency lighting systems.

Sustainable Design: : Energy Efficiency reduces greenhouse gases. 100% mercury and lead-free. Reducing spill light significantly reduces contribution to urban sky glow.

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GCM LED cobra midsize