We work with our clients to qualify the applicant. We offer practical, energy-efficient, long-lasting solutions. We offer comprehensive lighting audits that range from project overviews to in-depth analysis of fixtures equivalents, wattage, light levels and zone loads.

Creative Solutions

We thrive on projects that have a twist, perhaps using a product in an alternate intent. We are thorough in our checklist of what will work; we have several examples on our gallery and case study pages to illustrate the process and result.

Facts, figures and the overall performance are factored in when selecting the LED lighting solution investment. By decreasing both energy consumption and ongoing maintenance, customers are able to achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI) and can invest the dollars saved in other areas of their businesses. The ROIs compare your current luminaires with our LED solutions outlining energy, maintenance and replacement savings, confirming the amount of time to pay for the solution and the amount of money you will save each year forward for the life of the luminaire.

Proof and qualifying a product with photometric layouts; we offer photometric to illustrate light levels and patterns when converting conventional lighting to LED. Offering this service allows the client to see on paper how the luminaire will perform the application – no surprises or guessing.

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Lighting System Audit

A facility-wide lighting system audit will be performed by one or more of our energy retrofit specialists. Many things are taken into consideration during the initial audit, including the following:

  • Location description
  • Annual hours of operation
  • Fixture quantities
  • Lamp & Ballast types
  • Footcandle levels
  • Ceiling Height
  • Current Average Energy Rate
  • Available Utility Company Incentives

Project Analysis and Design

A custom audit form is created and populated with the collected data, including the project’s overall budget, the LED Lighting solutions, and installation, factor in the utility rebate incentive, and provide you with an ROI return on investment. Application factors considered include existing conditions, tasks performed, payback criteria, and specific customer requests (light levels to be increased or lowered). Our projects are designed on a fixture-by-fixture, area-by-area basis to achieve the best possible results for the customer. All projects are evaluated to ensure the best lighting solution for each application.

Presentation of Proposal

Our proposal format has evolved over time to address the specific needs and requests of our customers. As a result, customers receive all of the detail necessary to make an informed purchase decision. During the presentation, we methodically walked customers through all of the information contained in the proposal. The presentation is interactive; we encourage customers to ask questions at any time. Our proposal details the amount of projected energy savings based on the data collected from the client and will show concrete Simple Payback and ROI numbers.

Project Installation

Upon receipt of a signed contract (signed by the owner or duly authorized company representative), materials are ordered and shipped. The company operations manager will schedule a time and date that fits the customer’s operation schedule. Our goal is to minimize or elevate any “down-time” to the customer’s operation.


Warranty is backed by the individual product manufacturer and is outlined in the proposal. The warranty will encompass all issues related to the installed components. Some components carry different warranty lengths. In a warranty situation, you may be required to return the failed unit for manufacturing testing before replacement. If a luminaire fails, it is the customer’s responsibility to remove it and ship it to the manufacturer. A replacement will be shipped to you free of charge upon warranty approval.