Coronavirus is airborne so stop disinfecting everything: expert

Stop cleaning and start ventilating — that’s the message from Michael Brauer, a professor in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC.

Given the scientific consensus that the coronavirus is airborne, Brauer is calling for a shift in COVID prevention strategies.

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UV Angel Partners with McDonald’s Locations in Dallas, Houston, and Chicago and Installs Next Generation Pathogen Control Technology

UV Angel’s air and surface technology helps create safer and cleaner in-restaurant experiences for McDonald’s guests and employees through room-level source control

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Canada quietly updates COVID-19 guidelines on risk of airborne spread

Canada has quietly revised its guidelines on how COVID-19 spreads to include the risk of aerosol transmission, weeks after other countries and international health organizations acknowledged the airborne threat of the coronavirus.

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Canada’s top doctor has been reluctant to say tiny airborne particles spread COVID-19. Under pressure, she’s reconsidering

Canada’s top public health official says it may be time to revise federal guidance to provinces on how to prevent airborne COVID-19 infections.

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How businesses and schools are dealing with airborne COVID-19 and preparing for a winter indoors

On a sunny Friday in October, the 9Round fitness club in midtown Toronto was as busy as it could be, according to local rules.

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