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Case Study: Toyota Auto Dealership (Kelowna BC)
Application: Outdoor Area Lighting

The Kelowna Toyota Dealership was one of the first in Canada to switch, replacing 1000 watt Metal Halide lighting fixtures for 218 watt LED fixtures.

Understanding the value of quality lighting Toyota had installed 1,000-watt metal halide luminaries to shine the light on their products drawing customers to their Kelowna British Columbia car lot. The dealership operates in a high-traffic retail area where it competes for buyers’ attention with other automotive dealerships. Over the years, the light from the metal halide luminaries started to deteriorate, and they became costly to maintain.


Toyota LED installation

Project Highlights

  • Replaced – 37 1000W Metal Halide light fixtures, with 37 292W GC2 LED luminaires.Utility
  • Rebate – They received a $13,000 rebate the dealership will save $15,000 annually with a return on investment of 28 months.
  • Maintenance free up to 17 years with 80,000 hour lamp life resulting in low maintenance cost

Products Used

Cobra LED Street Lights

GC2 Cobra head